The Smart Choice for Global, Real-time Turbulence Data

Avoid turbulence in real time for the first time. Introducing live, real-time turbulence avoidance service for a safer and more pleasant flight. SmoothSky uses live crowdsourced aircraft-generated data, instead of predictive guesses and subjective pilot reports.

Powered by IATA’s Turbulence Aware and supported by Skytelligence

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Advanced notice of turbulence enables optimal flight planning and fuel efficiency.

  • Lower spend due to less likely maintenance issues and aircraft damage
  • Fuel cost savings with improved routing
  • Potential for lower aircraft insurance premiums
  • Decreases the chance of crew injury incidents


Real-time turbulence data allows the crew to assist in avoiding dangerous weather and maintaining high safety standards in flight.

  • Enroute flight plan adjustments can assist to avoid bad weather and turbulence
  • Helps increase passenger and crew safety
  • Allows time to prepare cabin for a safe and efficient flight
  • Provides shared situational awareness between cockpit and operations center

Real-time Data Improves Onboard Experience

Real-time, data-driven turbulence reports helps provide a pleasant, uninterrupted passenger experience.

  • Increases passenger satisfaction
  • Enables office in the sky functionality
  • Comfortable sleep on long-haul trips
  • Common turbulence reporting standards compatible with any aircraft

How SmoothSky Works

Powered by IATA’s Turbulence Aware platform and supported by Skytelligence, SmoothSky collects live turbulence data from around the world and puts it at your fingertips.

Global world turbulence data is collected

Data is consolidated through IATA’s Turbulence Aware platform

Turbulence data points are immediately sent to you via SmoothSky

Get SmoothSky for your Aircraft

The IATA Turbulence Aware Viewer web application functions on your desktop or tablet for turbulence awareness on the ground and inflight.

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Application Programming Interfaces

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for viewing turbulence data in your application.

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SmoothSky is powered by seven Skytelligence APIs to help mitigate risks for a smoother safer flight – just one of many ways Skytelligence is leading aviation’s digital transformation. To access, contribute and collaborate, visit the Skytelligence developer hub.

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