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SmartSky Digital Solutions connects the industry via integration across multiple networks, technologies and providers. These capabilities catalyze the industry’s deployment of new data-informed aviation applications, services, and capabilities.SkyTelligence®, SmartSky’s API-based, network neutral data exchange enables the aggregation, analysis, and utilization of ground-based and infight aviation data from numerous sources advancing aviation’s digital transformation.

A digital exchange, SkyTelligence provides developers, researchers, and stakeholders a single point of connection to contribute, access, evaluate, purchase, and license data to enhance aviation operations and safety.

Whether delivering targeted advertising to passengers on a flight, enabling an aircraft to operate as an extension of a corporate network rather than an exception to it, or providing AI powered predictive situational awareness tools to pilots and operations, SmartSky brings together the data, integrations, data security, and transport needed to connect the future of aviation.

Digital Solutions Integrations Include


Air-to-Ground Services Layer

SmartSky’s next-gen ATG network provides more than the best WiFi in the sky, you can customize your solution with situational awareness applications, IFE, and Honeywell Forge® to manage and monitor usage, the user experience and more.


Predictive Weather Suite

SmartSky’s Predictive Weather suite brings together multiple predictive weather providers to supply aviation with enhanced situational awareness not available from other sources, including AvMet airport traffic and weather, FLASH predictive lightning and Meandair global weather modeling and nowcasting.


SmartSky Private Intranet Routing

Private Intranet routes data traffic privately to and from the aircraft directly to the customer’s corporate enterprise network, enabling the aircraft to function as an extension of the corporate network instead of an exception.

SmartSky Digital Solutions are powered by its tools and patented innovations. SkyTelligence brings together data from numerous providers for single point delivery via APIs, which are then used by EFBs or ground-based systems. These combined capabilities make SmartSky a key enabler for aviation’s digital transformation.

SmartSky is on a mission to drive the digital transformation of aviation. Enabling the connected aircraft via the most advanced inflight connectivity platform ever built, its unprecedented ability to move data to and from aircraft equally well makes real-time, two-way data transfer a reality for the first time.

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