SmartSky Cashback Request Form

Thank you for installing and activating a SmartSky hardware system. We are excited for you to have the inflight connectivity you’ve always needed, made possible by SmartSky’s patented technology. Now let us show our appreciation to you for choosing SmartSky – up to $50,000 cash back!

With ATG Trade In Without Trade In
Hardware cost$ 119,999.00$ 119,999.00
Trade in Amount$ 15,000.00N/A
Flagship Cash Back$ 35,000.00$ 35,000.00
Net Hardware Cost$ 69,999.00$ 84,999.00
Total Cash Back Due$ 50,000.00$ 35,000.00
With ATG Trade In Without Trade In
Hardware cost$ 59,999.00$ 59,999.00
Trade in Amount$ 15,000.00N/A
LITE Cash Back$ 10,000.00$ 10,000.00
Net Hardware Cost$ 34,999.00$ 49,999.00
Total Cash Back Due$ 25,000.00$ 10,000.00

Once you’ve completed the following steps, you may request your Cash Back check from SmartSky:

  • Purchase a qualifying system for your aircraft during the promotional period
  • Select your service plan and terms
  • Complete the installation via your choice of SmartSky partner
  • Complete activation of your service plan within 6 months of purchase

After completing the above, you will:

  • Submit the cash back form online within 60 days of service activation
  • Return your existing ATG equipment (if applicable) to SmartSky within 30 days of activation
  • Receive your cash back check from SmartSky within 90 days of form submission after activation

Cash Back Payment:

SmartSky will issue a check payable to the company name on the rebate form within ninety (90) days of SmartSky’s receipt of your Cash Back Promotion Application form, or within ninety (90)days of receipt of your trade-in hardware by SmartSky, whichever is later. View the full terms and conditions at

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