Network Overview

Expectations for connectivity are set on the ground. At SmartSky Networks we believe you shouldn’t have to lower your expectations for dependable, immediate, and secure connectivity simply because you are in the air. For the past decade, we’ve been clearing technological hurdles and developing new approaches to solve the inherent challenges of delivering data to and from aircraft inflight. Through persistent innovation, we’re proud to say we’ve succeeded and our nationwide next-generation air-to-ground network is now available.


Innovation is Built Into SmartSky Networks DNA:

By integrating the best available communication technologies with our exclusive capabilities, we are transforming the entire aviation ecosystem, for passengers, flight crews and ground operations.

Secure Connection

Patented Beamforming Technology:

With SmartSky’s sophisticated antenna technology, instead of multiple aircraft sharing the same connection across a broad area, each aircraft is assigned a secure connection to the network. This results in a consistent and secure connection that supports the entire aircraft ecosystem from cabin to cockpit and operations.

ATG Technology

Very Low Latency, Real-time Data Flow to AND From the aircraft:

Air-to-Ground transmissions are inherently low latency because they are traveling over shorter distances, only from the tower to the plane. Using 60MHz of capacity in the unlicensed spectrum translates to 20x more data capability than other ATG systems. Low latency and a 20x capacity data pipe enables means real-time connectivity for business continuity, live streaming, gaming, large file transfer and staying connected to whatever is most important – including situational awareness and in-flight transfer of maintenance and aircraft performance information. From the cabin to the cockpit, aircraft operations, and beyond.

Consistent Speeds

Next-Generation Network:

Integrating best-of-breed communication technologies with patented SmartSky enhancements have solved some of the most difficult challenges to uninterrupted connection in-flight, Our software defined network and innovative hardware provide unprecedented airborne connectivity performance and experience. Let us show you.



SmartSky LITE brings SmartSky’s patented air-to-ground (ATG) technology to smaller business aircraft that cannot fit the SmartSky Flagship system. The LITE system uses a combination of 5G and LTE features to deliver dependable, responsive, and secure connectivity for high-bandwidth applications with stable data flow to and from the aircraft for everything from video calling and live streaming to operational flight data and situational awareness.

Our software defined network and software defined radios have been engineered from the ground up with patented technologies, providing in-flight WiFi that actually works. This ensures you’ll continue getting the latest available technology advancements and the best possible performance as they become available, before needing to invest in new hardware.

  • Streaming level, low latency broadband inflight WiFi that works at 41,000 feet better than any other solution available for smaller aircraft
  • LITE System uses the same Aircraft Base Radio (ABR) and FDQ Antenna as the SmartSky Flagship System
  • Single, lightweight, low drag, belly mount antenna fits most smaller business aircraft
  • Seamless Honeywell FORGE integration


Aircraft Base Radio (ABR)
Operating frequency range 2.4 GHz ISM band
Size (LxWxH) 12.52” x 3.56” x 7.62”
Weight 12.1 pounds
Mounting provision 3/8 ATR mounting tray
Power consumption 22 to 32Vdc, 10.7 amps maximum at 28Vdc
Environmental DO-160G
Warranty 2 years
Full-Duplex Quad (FDQ) Antenna
Size (LxWxH) 15.04” x 3.39” x 10.26”
Weight 6.5 pounds

LITE MSRP: $59,999

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Monthly Plans

Connect your systems and devices in real-time for whatever is most important to you.


Email, transfer large files, VPN, videoconferencing.


Game, stream videos, movies and music.


Videochat, photos, talk or text.


Real-time data transfer for routes, maintenance, weather and more.

Business Aviation

All plans receive the same access to SmartSky’s next-generation network within the Continental US.
Choose the monthly data allowance to fit your needs.


Hourly plan for
less frequent usage

for 10 hours

+ $99/hour thereafter

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Unlimited usage for
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Fixed Cost

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*MSRP before service provider term, pre-payment and other discounts.

The SmartSky ATG network is engineered from the ground up to deliver the best possible inflight connectivity experience. SmartSky makes no guarantee of uninterrupted service throughout the U.S. coverage area. Actual service, quality and availability (including initiation, validation and maintenance of an inflight connection) can be affected by signal strength, aircraft and network traffic volume, service outages, network changes, governmental regulatory and operating restrictions and other conditions.

STC Available Aircraft

Current STCs available for SmartSky hardware systems include:

Installation for these aircraft can begin as soon as your maintenance schedule allows.

  • Bombardier Models: Challenger 601 / 604605 / 650 (Flagship)
      • #ST01930WI
  • Citation X Series (Flagship)
      • #ST04578CH
  • Citation XL/XLS/XLS+ (Flagship)
      • #ST04604CH
  • Dassault Falcon 900 (Flagship)
      • #ST04591CH
  • Dassault Falcon 2000 (Flagship)
      • #ST04610CH
  • Embraer Models: 135 / 140 / 145 (Flagship)
      • #ST04316CH
  • Gulfstream Models: G350 / G450 / G500 / G550 / GIV / GV-SP (Flagship)
      • #ST04346CH
  • Lear 60 (LITE)
      • #ST04614CH

STC in Progress Aircraft* (including but not limited to)


  • Airbus A319-321 (Flagship)
  • Challenger 300/350 (Flagship)
  • CJ3+/525/CJ1-4 (LITE) - Install complete, awaiting cert issuance
  • Gulfstream G200 (LITE) - Install complete, awaiting cert issuance
  • Hawker 800/850 (LITE)
  • Hawker 900 (LITE)
  • KingAir 200/B200/300/350 (LITE)
  • Pilatus PC12 (LITE) - Install complete, awaiting cert issuance
  • Phenom 100 (LITE) - Install complete, awaiting cert issuance

*This is a partial listing of STC models In-Progress. Contact us for the latest list.

Priority STC Models

Contact us for the latest list or if you are interested in offering a first article aircraft.

How to Buy

Once you’re ready to move forward, you will work with a SmartSky Networks representative who will help you:

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  • Select the right certified installation partner
  • Identify the right equipment options
  • Schedule installation
  • Activate service

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