Its (SmartSky's) high-performance inflight connectivity is receiving rave reviews from users in the cabin and cockpit because of its unprecedented ability to move data to and from the aircraft.

Scott Dillon, President of Maintenance for Jet Access


An increasing number of our customers are asking for SmartSky, because of the unmatched capability of its connectivity that users describe as ‘game changing.’

Eric Legvold, CEO of Davinci Jets


With the addition of SmartSky technology to our HondaJet floating fleet, our customers will be able to livestream sports, make video calls, send large documents —and connect as they desire.

Mike Pracher, COO of Volato


Demand for SmartSky is growing in the marketplace because customers expect to be continuously and reliably connected even while in transit.

Eric Legvold, CEO of Davinci Jets


After flying it for almost 100 hours, I know I made the right decision when I chose SmartSky.

David Natinsky, Citation CJ3+ owner-operator and pilot


The opportunity to expand our network and partner with next-gen provider SmartSky made this an easy decision.

James Chitty, CEO of Talon Air


Once you fly with a SmartSky-equipped aircraft, it’s hard to think about a world where you don’t fly with it.

Barry Blackwood, veteran pilot of the Davinci Jets aircraft


SmartSky is uniquely equipped to make this vital information available to U.S. aviation and deliver it in real-time to flight crews when they need it most — inflight.

Peter Novák, Managing Director of Meandair


After evaluating the available options for Wi-Fi for our fleet, SmartSky demonstrated the capability to deliver the high-quality connected experience our customers expect.

Mike Prachar, COO of Volato


SmartSky’s inflight connectivity offers a viable alternative for operators needing high capacity for data over a domestic coverage footprint.

Per Person, President & CEO of Brunswick Aviation Services


The milestone we’ve achieved with SmartSky Networks means that more of our customers will be able to maximize their time in the air by staying connected to what’s happening with their businesses and families on the ground.

Mike Guina, COO of flyExclusive


This is the kind of performance our customers demand from their connectivity, and we look forward to installing more of the SmartSky systems.

Aaron Berg, Avionics Technical Sales Manager for West Star Aviation


Customers expect to have a reliable, sustained connectivity experience and SmartSky’s air-to-ground 5G technology delivers in spades.

Vince Russo, Avionics Manager at Thornton Aviation


SmartSky delivers the speed our customers need in both connectivity performance and installation.

Joe Chaundy, Director of Davinci Jets


What’s the company? Can I get it on my aircraft?

'- NBAA Demo Flight Customer

Inflight was better than my cellular on the ground.

'- NBAA Demo Flight Customer

Been on a lot of planes with a lot of different wifi systems - Up/download time was the best I've seen

'- NBAA Demo Flight Customer

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