SmartSky and flyExclusive Complete ATG Installation on Cessna Citation XL

This Marks the Second flyExclusive STC Installation of SmartSky 

Research Triangle, NC – July 10, 2023 – SmartSky Networks®, a leading provider of inflight air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity for business aviation, today announced flyExclusive, one of the nation’s five largest private jet operators, has completed an STC installation of SmartSky’s broadband WiFi service on a flyExclusive Cessna Citation XL jet.  

The installation of the flagship system was the second STC installation completed by flyExclusive’s experienced aviation MRO services team. It represents an important milestone in upgrading to SmartSky’s connectivity solution on flyExclusive’s premium fleet, which includes 40 Citation XL charter aircraft. In addition to® the Citation XL, flyExclusive has already installed SmartSky’s inflight WiFi on the super-midsize Citation X. The FAA certificate for the XL was issued on June 8, 2023.

“flyExclusive is one of the nation’s leading private aviation providers because we have focused everything we do on our customers and making every minute matter for them,” said Mike Guina chief operating officer of flyExclusive. “The milestone we’ve achieved with SmartSky Networks means that more of our customers will be able to maximize their time in the air by staying connected to what’s happening with their businesses and families on the ground.”  

flyExclusive’s vertically integrated business model means it can maintain, repair, and operate its own jets at its headquarters in Kinston, North Carolina. There, flyExclusive is able to control the fleet’s consistency and quality using its state-of-the-art paint facility, an upholstery and interior shop, and a 24/7 maintenance operation. The team announced in May that it achieved Part 145 Certification, which means that it is certified to install third-party systems on the company’s fleet as well as private jets owned by other operators.  

“flyExclusive’s MRO team did an incredible job with the STC installation on the XL, completing it in just 210 labor hours. We are ecstatic for even more flyExclusive customers to get to experience SmartSky’s unprecedented WiFi performance in the sky,” said SmartSky President Ryan Stone. 

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