Clay Lacy Aviation continues to revolutionize in-flight connectivity as a new hardware sales, certification and installation partner for SmartSky Networks

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CHARLOTTE, NC — 22 MARCH 2016 — When the SmartSky 4G network takes flight later this year, Clay Lacy Aviation will be a partner for hardware sales and installations, as well as supplemental type certificate (STC) developer on four Gulfstream models: the G200, G-IV, G-IVSP, and G-V. The Company, founded in 1968 as the first aircraft management and jet charter … Read More

Panasonic Weather Solutions Announces 4DAero, a Highly Accurate Electronic Flight Bag Weather Forecasting Application

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LAS VEGAS, NV — 17 NOVEMBER 2015 — Panasonic Weather Solutions (Panasonic), a division within Panasonic Avionics Corporation, today announced its 4DAero, an electronic flight bag (EFB) application. This new solution provides pilots a user-friendly, interactive display of a planned flight route synchronized in time and space with highly accurate forecasted weather and other potential aviation hazards from the Panasonic … Read More

SmartSky Networks, LLC Forms Relationship with AeroAntenna Technology, Inc.

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CHARLOTTE, NC — 17 NOVEMBER 2015 — SmartSky Networks, LLC (“SmartSky”) announced today that AeroAntenna Technology, Inc. (“AeroAntenna”) is developing, supplying, and supporting antennas for use in the SmartSky 4G LTE-based air-to-ground network being rolled out in the continental United States next year. AeroAntenna is a design and manufacturing company. Specializing in the latest antenna and RF technology, the company … Read More

SmartSky’s 4 Gives More NBAA Program to Benefit Corporate Angel Network

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CHARLOTTE, NC – 17 NOVEMBER 2015 — Providing timely private jet transportation for cancer patients and their families is the noble work of Corporate Angel Network (CAN) and contributing corporate flight departments. Those trips will soon be enhanced by the availability of SmartSky 4G, the nation’s first authentic 4G LTE-based aviation communications network, taking flight in 2016. SmartSky 4G equipped … Read More

Investor Syndicate led by Tiger Infrastructure, Platform Partners, and Meritage Funds backs SmartSky Networks

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NEW YORK, NY — 23 OCTOBER 2015 — An investor syndicate led by Tiger Infrastructure Partners (“Tiger”), Meritage Funds and Platform Partners today announced the acquisition of an interest in SmartSky Networks LLC (“SmartSky” or the “Company”). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Established in 2011, SmartSky is creating the first 4G-LTE based, Air-to-Ground communications network in the U.S. to … Read More

StandardAero Becomes Partner to Provide SmartSky Networks’ 4G High-Speed Wireless Solutions for a Variety Business Aviation Aircraft

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ — 20 AUGUST 2015 – StandardAero has signed an agreement with SmartSky Networks to certify and install SmartSky’s industry -first, airborne 4G – based, high – speed wireless internet solution for a variety of business aircraft. StandardAero, through its in – house Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) delegation, will provide Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals for the … Read More

Internet Security in the Clouds

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JULY/ AUGUST 2015 — Are Your Data Flying With You Safely? With recent news stories about cyber hacking, breaches of data in Fortune 500 companies, and even the IRS, raising concerns about Internet safety inflight, Business Aviation Advisor interviewed a panel of four representatives from SmartSky Networks, Satcom Direct, Terracom Direct, and Pro Star Aviation, to find out what you … Read More

SmartSky™ Networks Announces Kontron as New Technology Connectivity Partner at AEA 2015

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 8 APRIL 2015 — Transforming Airborne Wi-Fi: SmartSky™ Networks Announces Kontron as New Technology Connectivity Partner at AEA 2015 SmartSky Networks, a next-generation aviation communications provider bringing SmartSky 4G, the first airborne 4G LTE-based wireless network to the aviation market, is pleased to announce Kontron as a technology connectivity partner at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) 2015 convention … Read More

Satcom Direct is Named the Exclusive Service Provider of the New SmartSky 4G LTE-Based Wireless Network

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SATELLITE BEACH, FL — 14 NOVEMBER 2014 — Announced at the NBAA convention in October, Satcom Direct is the only organization approved to provide activation, customer support and billing for the new airborne SmartSky Network. The nation’s first airborne 4G LTE-based wireless network, SmartSky 4G is being launched by SmartSky Networks with the anticipated rollout of commercial service in 2016. SmartSky’s patented … Read More

Duncan Aviation Supports Technical Development at SmartSky Networks

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LINCOLN, NB — 22 OCTOBER 2014 — For the last year, Duncan Aviation aerospace engineers have been providing operational support and design direction to SmartSky Networks, which recently announced that it is developing a 4G LTE-based airborne network capable of providing customers with high performance Wi-Fi for real-time internet access, video streaming and video conferencing. According to SmartSky Networks Chairman and … Read More