SmartSky Networks, LLC Forms Relationship with AeroAntenna Technology, Inc.

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CHARLOTTE, NC — 17 NOVEMBER 2015 — SmartSky Networks, LLC (“SmartSky”) announced today that AeroAntenna Technology, Inc. (“AeroAntenna”) is developing, supplying, and supporting antennas for use in the SmartSky 4G LTE-based air-to-ground network being rolled out in the continental United States next year.

AeroAntenna is a design and manufacturing company. Specializing in the latest antenna and RF technology, the company has a comprehensive line of products that support commercial, business and military antenna markets.  AeroAntenna has produced a wide range of antennas that consistently provide exceptional performance and long-term reliability, earning them numerous quality supplier awards from leading commercial, aerospace and defense companies.

“When a design is thought impossible, industry leaders have consistently turned to AeroAntenna.  They can take a good baseline plan and make it an order of magnitude better because they aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions and apply the latest in technical innovations,” said Doug Hyslop, VP of RF Engineering for SmartSky Networks.  “AeroAntenna provided invaluable, cutting edge expertise which helped us solve the antenna-related challenges associated with re-using spectrum in the air.”

“SmartSky’s 4G LTE-based system uses the latest technologies to deliver over ten times the performance of the incumbent’s 3G EVDO-based ATG network,” said Joe Klein, founder and CEO of AeroAntenna.  “The bi-directional nature of SmartSky’s high speed network really changes the game in airborne data communications.”

About SmartSky Networks

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., SmartSky Networks was formed in 2011 and is comprised of senior aviation and telecommunications executives seeking to leverage disruptive communications technologies to transform aviation. In conjunction with leading aerospace and technology partners, SmartSky plans to beta-launch its innovative air-to-ground network, SmartSky 4G, in late 2015, followed by the rollout of nationwide commercial service in 2016.

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